Archaeological monuments, arts and crafts, oral and written literature, living traditions, natural features and environment are all a part of our heritage. All that we manifest in our day to day life is a part of our heritage.

We live in a country known for its varied natural environment and rich cultural heritage seen in our world famous monuments, archaeological sites, natural areas and our living traditions. Collectively, it is the past that we have a responsibility to safeguard for future. It is our solemn responsibility to respect, cherish and preserve the heritage that we have inherited.

The last few decades have witnessed a steady degradation of our heritage, cultural as well as environmental, due to inadequate awareness, unplanned urbanisation and commercialisation. Though these processes are the part of a nation's life and can not be stopped, but a systematic instruction on heritage and its management can regulate the process to safeguard our heritage and create a sympathetic and concerned attitude.

AIM and Obljective

1. Award degrees in Heritage Management for candidates who have successfully completed the approved academic programme.

2. Promote on job learning by emphasising practical work alongwith theoretical knowledge.

3. Organise workshops, seminars, and conferences and to publish journals, monographs, books, information brochures and pamphlets and also use the World Wide Web for high level research base.

4. Create a forum for curriculum development and research to establish and sustain a position in the contemporary global mainstream of Heritage Management