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SHRM is devoted to the study, Conservation and Preservation of the Heritage. Archaeological monuments, arts and crafts, oral and written literature, living tradition, natural features and environment are all part of our heritage.

Collectively it is the past that we have a responsibility to safeguard for future. Our solemn responsibility to respect, cherish and preserve.

Aims of SHRM :

  • To create a trained and involved group of Heritage Managers, by providing instruction and research guidance
  • adhering to the modern principles of management along with the heritage related disciplines of archaeology,
  • art, architecture, literary and oral traditions among others.
  • To undertake multi-disciplinary research in archaeology backed with field-work and latest scientific
  • methodology.
  • To create mass awareness and an information base of heritage and its management by the use of media.
  • To encourage scholarship in heritage management by providing fellowships, financial assistance and awards.