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Research Projects Undertaken and Completed:

  1. Integrated Management Plan for Mehrauli Archaeological Area.
  2. Integrated Management Plan for Red Fort.
  3. Archaeological Investigations from Meerut to Khair along river Hindon, including section scrapping and trial trenching.
  4. A report on Neharwali Haveli (Ancestral Haveli of Gen. Pervez Musarraf, President of Pakistan prepared at the time of visit of Musarraf to Haveli)
  5. Conservation of Ghalib Haveli (Now a memorial and museum of Mirza Ghalib)
  6. Integrated Development Plan for Kalikaji Temple 

Besides, Institute also prepared a number of status report on various Heritage Monument and provided to Govt. of Delhi as an when required.    

On Going Research Projects

These are being undertaken by faculty member, either individually or with participation of one or more colleagues.

  1. Listing and documentation of ancient sites, monuments, buildings and other structures in the area falling within the new urbanisable limits of Delhi as per the Master Plan for Delhi - 2021 in particular, and National Capital Region in general.
  2. Tourism in Delhi : Assessment and proposal for improvement.
  3. Conservation strategy for gardens of Mughal, Delhi.
  4. Shahjahanabad : A study.